How big is a hockey rink?

empty ice hockey rink

An NHL rink is now a standard size, but that hasn’t always been the case. Also, ice rinks in different leagues and countries are still different sizes, which can lead to some needed adjustments when players compete in international competitions and interleague exhibition matchups. The National Hockey League had a …

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How Long Do Hockey Games Last?

ice hockey stadium interior

Whether it’s because of tight schedules, or organizing a group of people, or attending games with kids, a lot of people like to know how long a sporting event is going to last. NHL games do have a typical running time, meaning how long they take in real-time, much like …

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What Is Offsides In Ice Hockey?

hockey player offsides

Offsides is a rule designed to prevent offensive players from not going back on defense, and just hanging out in the attacking zone. If the attacking player was allowed to sit in front of the goalie without the defensive team having time to get back to their defensive zone. There …

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What is a Power Play in Hockey?

Alex Ovechkin power play

Each of the five major professional sports played in North America assesses penalties differently. Football, basketball, ice hockey, baseball, and soccer all have specific ways of dealing with rules infractions. In each sport, these infractions are wide-ranging and can occur during play and sometimes before and after the action. Referees …

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What is Icing in Hockey

Hockey Rink Icing - Explained

To the untrained eye, hockey is a fast sport where players skate around and hit one another, chasing a puck. However, in this sport, there are numerous intricate rules that players need to follow, including how to hit and where the puck is allowed to go. A lot of people …

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