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Food at the UBS Arena

UBS Arena is located just outside New York City in, Elmont, NY on Long Island and is home to the Islanders of the National Hockey League.  This venue is the latest on the New York sports and entertainment landscape, with UBS Arena’s official opening slated to coincide with the 2021-22 National Hockey League season.  In addition to being the New York Islanders’ home ice, it is a much anticipated live entertainment venue due to its location on Long Island.  Entertainment company Delaware North is responsible for the venue’s food and beverage services.  As part of the food and beverage program, the venue offers healthy food options among its snack and beverage options.  The New York Islanders and UBS Arena management are proud to offer premium hospitality services and feature market-style outlets.  UBS Arena is also planning on hosting local community events and contributing unused food to local food banks as part of their overall arena operations.

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UBS Arena Food & Concession Stands

The food, drink, restaurants, and concessions inside the UBS Arena are designed for both hockey and entertainment events.  UBS Arena’s partnership with Delaware North brings new culinary talent into the area for fans to enjoy.  Their industry-leading expertise will bring delicious menu items to the newest venue in the New York metro area, starting on opening night. From grass-fed beef to enticing prepared foods to certified USDA organic food ingredients, the new arena is looking to set the standard for food and beverage services.  UBS Arena, which replaces Nassau Coliseum as the New York Islanders’ long-time home, has incorporated utilizing innovative technologies such as mobile ordering and contactless payment solutions.

Classic Food at UBS Arena

If you’re at a New York Islanders game, you will be treated to locally sourced, hormone free proteins whenever available and Delaware North has a goal of using at least 75% of the food ingredients from suppliers within 300 miles of the arena.   This, in addition to cashless payment technology, a streamlined checkout process at concession stands, and a food and beverage program unlike any other venue’s, it’s hard to say what will become a classic in the early days of UBS Arena.  Delaware North is sure to incorporate stadium classics and new offerings for New York Islanders fans. 

Food Near UBS Arena

New York City is well known as a place where food from around the world can be found. The restaurants near UBS Arena that are popular for the New York Islanders hockey game include CD for Caribbean fare, Mateus’ Restaurant and Bar for seafood and Portuguese cuisine, and Italian Affair for classic NYC pizza.  There are many neighborhoods you can hit on your way to UBS Arena where you’ll find great Italian, Greek, Irish, Chinese, Japanese, and other options from around the globe.


UBS Arena Food & Concession FAQs

How much does food cost at the UBS Arena?

UBS Arena will have food at a variety of price points for both NHL games and live entertainment events.

Can you bring food into the UBS Arena?

You will not be able to bring outside food into UBS Arena; please check the website for changes and exceptions to the policy.

What restaurants are inside the UBS Arena?

There are five major club areas in the arena and Patina Restaurant Group and Delaware North are both involved in the operation of table service dining.

How much does a beer cost at UBS Arena?

Beer, along with other beverage offerings from Delaware North is sure to be priced on par with other New York City area sports venues.

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