Scotiabank Arena Food


Food at the Scotiabank Arena

Scotiabank Arena, located in Toronto and home to the Maple Leafs is located in the South Core area of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and was formerly known as the Air Canada Centre.  The venue offers many food and dining options inside and around the arena.  Maple Leafs fans can enjoy a fun night of watching their team play while they eat at this lively NHL venue.  The arena is also home to the Toronto Raptors of the NBA.  The Maple Leaf franchise has a long history, dating back to 1917, while the Raptors were an expansion team in 1995.  They have both played their home games at Scotiabank since 1999 when it opened.  During renovations in 2008, Scotiabank was connected to Maple Leaf Square, expanding the events held at the complex, including outdoor activities during the summer months.

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Scotiabank Arena Concession Stands & Food Services

The food, drink, eateries, and concession stands inside Scotiabank are a delight for sports fans there to watch a game or music lovers at one of the many performance events.  Almost every concession stand at Scotiabank is a brand name and has a signature item that’s part of the city’s identity or comes from around the country.  You can get prime rib or turkey sandwiches at Hot Stove Carve, gourmet hotdogs at Hogtown, or visit the Mac and Cheese Boutique for everything cheesy.  Don’t worry, there’s pizza, too, just like at most arenas around the world.  There are lots of other options to try when you visit, including vegan and gluten-free items and dishes.

Classic Food at Scotiabank Arena

At Toronto Maple Leafs games, one thing you have to try inside Scotiabank Arena is the poutine.  Not only is it a specialty of Toronto and Canada as a whole, but the venue goes above and beyond other arenas around the country and has an entire eatery, The Poutinerie, dedicated to the dish.  No matter what gate you come in or what day of the week it may be, the food services staff at the arena has you covered.   If you’re a beer fan, there are multiple bars in the arena which are great for either pre- or post-game brews, and those include the Draught Deck and the Molson Canadian Brewhouse.

Food Near Scotiabank Arena

Local restaurants and watering holes near Scotiabank and Maple Leaf Square cater to Toronto fans and visitors who are on their way to a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game.  There are a number of great options including Miller Tavern, which is within walking distance and has a great pub atmosphere.  If you’re looking for Italian before your visit to Scotiabank, Aria is right in front of the arena.  If going to watch the game won’t be enough, try Real Sports, the city’s biggest sports bar, with over 200 TVs.  Over the course of the last decade-plus, due to the process of improving and adding to the area, options for eating near the arena before a game have increased.


Scotiabank Arena Concession FAQs

How much does food cost at the Scotiabank Arena?

Food prices are on par with most places you watch live sports or hear music, with a large slice of pizza being $7 and a chicken sandwich costing $13. 

Can you bring food into the Scotiabank?

You cannot bring outside food into a game or concert at the venue.

What restaurants are inside the Scotiabank?

The Hot Stove Club, the Platinum Club, and St. Patties are all located within the arena.

How much does a beer cost at Scotiabank?

In addition to the beer-specific outlets within Scotiabank, you can get brews for between $11 and $17, depending on size, around the concourse area throughout the game.

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