Madison Square Garden Food (Concessions & Restaurants)

Food at Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden, home of the New York Rangers, is located in the heart of New York City atop Penn Station, and both the arena and immediate area are filled with excellent food options. The Garden, as it’s referred to in New York City and around the NHL, is a famous arena that is also home to the NBA’s New York Knicks. From sports venue staples like a hot dog, french fries, or a chicken sandwich, to local favorites like a pastrami sandwich and treats from Dunkin’ Donuts, you’ll have a tough time not finding something to satisfy everyone when you attend a Knicks or Rangers game at The Garden. 

Madison Square Garden Food & Concession Stands

Inside Madison Square Garden you can visit a New York City icon, the Carnegie Deli, which serves up a classic corned beef or pastrami sandwich. You can also take a trip down south and have fried chicken sandwiches from Mike’s Hot Honey Fried Chicken. Gourmet hot dogs are available at Top Dog, located at section 111, and for a sweet treat to top off your meal, you can grab delicious ice cream near sections 110 or 213. If you’d like to see a new twist on arena food all in one spot, hit eats at section 120 and check out their offerings. Some other choices around The Garden are a steak sandwich, shrimp roll, chicken tacos, lobster rolls, short rib tacos, and lots of other great things to eat. There are also gluten-free food options available to eat at this New York City arena.

Classic Food at Madison Square Garden

There’s nothing more classic about New York City than the pizza, so if you’re a visitor, Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop is your best bet the enjoy the unique features of an NYC specialty. Serving up gourmet-style New York City pizza, they’re located at several points around MSG including sections 116, 223, and 10 West. You’re also not in New York if you’re not near an Irish pub, and Madison Square Garden has its own in Farley’s, located at section 112. You can also try another favorite, which is an Uncle Jack’s steak sandwich with caramelized onions from another famous New York City restaurant. Stop by to drink beer with your friends while you enjoy the game. New York City is also known for its upscale bars so if you like mixed drinks instead of a brew, you can find those at sections 103, 208, 215, 227. 

Food in New York City Near Madison Square Garden

There are dozens, bordering on 100 nearby restaurants for delicious food close to Madison Square Garden. Most of the New York City hotels in the area have a restaurant, and there is every type of cuisine you can imagine within walking distance of the arena. If you’ve taken public transportation including one of the bus lines from New Jersey to New York City or other points in the region, there is Kabooz’s Bar & Grill right in Penn Station, if you’re hankering for a nice cut of meat you have Butcher and Banker NYC, and if you want to eat some great Italian, Biricchino is waiting for you. Most places in the area take reservations by phone or can be booked online and those on the blocks right around the arena will be full on a night when there is Rangers or Knicks game or during other upcoming events.  

Madison Square Garden Concession FAQs

How much does food cost at Madison Square Garden?

Being in New York City, Prices vary depending on the type of food and whether you are visiting a sit-down restaurant at The Garden or eating a hot dog from one of the many concession stands around the concourse level. It’s very easy to spend $20 to $25 per person on food, more depending on what types of drinks are ordered (soda, beer, mixed drinks)

Can you bring food into Madison Square Garden?

Outside food and beverages are not allowed to be brought into The Garden. This includes bottles of water, even sealed.

What restaurants are inside Madison Square Garden?

There are several restaurants where you can eat inside Madison Square Garden on game night on top of the many concession stands around the concourse level. These include the Club Bar & Grill and Nick + Stef’s Steakhouse.  

How much does a beer cost at Madison Square Garden?

There are several options if you want to drink beer on game night at Madison Square Garden. Bar at the Garden has multiple locations on the concourse level, Farley’s is at section 112, and Bud Light and other domestic beers as well as imports, starting at $11.50, can be purchased at other concession stands along the concourse level, too. Delicious mixed drinks are also available.

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