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Climate Pledge Arena Food

Food at Climate Pledge

The home of the NHL’s newest franchise, the Seattle Kraken, this major sports arena boasts an excellent food and beverage program.  Combining a lot of traditional arena food with local restaurant partners, the food service is top-notch and ready to go for the inaugural season. Bringing big-league hockey back to the Pacific Northwest has been a goal for many years, and the Seattle Kraken has made that a reality.  This major sports arena, which is located in the Seattle Center, has made a significant effort to have an inclusive food and beverage program that includes USDA organic food ingredients, plant-based options, and local ingredients, too.

Arena Food & Concession Stands

If you’re at a Seattle Kraken game, you’ll get to experience food, drink, restaurants, and concessions inside the arena that’s referred to as The Climate Collective and is provided in part by food and beverage partner Delaware North.  Seattle is known for its innovative food and The Climate Collective wants to be part of that landscape as the Seattle Kraken gets rolling.  Part of the food and beverage program are four Amazon One locations, with simplified touch-free purchasing and checkout.  This large-scale effort to minimize lines and waiting is all part of the food service at the home of the Seattle Kraken.

Classic Food at Climate Pledge

There are several local restaurant partners in the arena, too, that represent classic Seattle food for you to try during a game.  These include Lil Woody’s Burgers and Shakes, Metropolitan Grill, Ballard Pizza Company, Din Tai Fung, Just Poke, and Elliot’s Pier 56 Oyster House. Lil Woody’s is the obvious place to go for a great burger, and Metropolitan Grill is touted as having the best steak in town.  Many of these options use local ingredients and some have plant-based options, too. Climate Pledge Arena is also proud to have the food services directed by Executive Chef Molly De Mers, who will be the first female executive chef to open a major sports arena.

Food Near Climate Pledge Arena

When you’re going to a Seattle Kraken hockey game, and want to grab something to eat before you head to the arena, there are some great choices, too.  If you’re looking for some excellent Japanese cuisine, try SAI Sushi and Saki.  If fresh seafood is your thing, Taylor Shellfish Oyster Bar fits the bill.  For something a little off the beaten path, food-wise at least, there’s Toulouse Petit Kitchen & Lounge, a Creole cuisine spot.  Regardless of where you go, you’ll find a lot of eateries that offer plant-based choices, local ingredients, and have a Pacific Northwest flare.

Climate Pledge Arena Food & Concession FAQs

How much does food cost at the Climate Pledge Arena?

The food and beverage program at the arena has typical prices depending on what you decide on from the large selection of options. Fans can easily spend $20-$25 before choosing a beverage option.

Can you bring food into the Climate Pledge Arena?

Outside alcohol and food and beverages is not permitted at the arena.

What restaurants are inside the Climate Pledge Arena?

Metropolitan Grill and Lil Woody’s are two of the most popular restaurants in the arena

How much does a beer cost at Climate Pledge Arena?

Beer from local (Washington and Oregon) craft brewers and coffee from the Rainforest Alliance are available at typical arena prices, with beer starting at about $10.

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