Canada Life Centre Food

Food at the Canada Life Centre

Canada Life Centre, the home of the Winnipeg Jets, opened in November of 2004.  The arena is located in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba, and was originally the home of the Manitoba Moose of the AHL, who returned in 2015 to join the Winnipeg Jets, who have been there since 2011. This iteration of the Winnipeg Jets were the Atlanta Thrashers until 2011.  The original club was founded in 1972, and the team has yet to win a Stanley Cup, but fans were very happy to have an NHL team back in the city.  Guests who visit the arena for NHL or AHL games are treated to a great variety of food, dining, and drinks inside and around the arena.  Jets games, concerts, and other events are all excellent reasons to visit the downtown Winnipeg venue. 

Canada Life Centre Food & Concession Stands

Fans at the arena for a Winnipeg Jets hockey game will enjoy the food, drink, restaurants, and concessions inside the Canada Life Centre.  All of the typical arena food options are available, including hot dogs, burgers, pizza, chicken sandwiches, and nachos when you visit the arena.  Stands are located all around the seating area and hockey fans definitely have their favorites, like the Jumbo Jet Dog.  Meals at the arena stand and restaurants range from delicious wings to comfort food staples.  Winnipeg fans who come to see their team play on their home ice can enjoy a Canadian mainstay, coffee from Tim Hortons.  Another Canadian specialty, poutine, is available at Aviator’s Grill stands when fans visit the arena for an NHL game.

Classic Food at Canada Life Centre

If you’re at a Winnipeg Jets game, visit Carvery & Melts to treat yourself to an assortment of smoked meat sandwiches, grilled cheese, soup, and grilled donuts inside the Canada Life Centre.  Smoked meats definitely represent the city of Winnipeg and Manitoba as a whole. If you’d like a drink and a slice, stop at Hops & Shots, which has seven locations around the arena.  Last but not least, fans in the arena to watch their team have two different steak sandwiches to choose from at the High Steaks Hot Sandwiches stands.  If you’d like a beer or another drink, there’s the Centre Ice Bar and the Budweiser Red Light Bar before and during the game.  

Food Near Canada Life Centre

The local restaurants and bars near Canada Life Centre are a great option for food and drink before you hit the arena for a Winnipeg Jets hockey game. Restaurants located in the downtown area range from excellent places to eat comfort food, like the White Star Diner, to delicious pizza at Gusto North. Some restaurants in Winnipeg near the arena do take reservations, which is a good idea because seats can go quickly. There are also very nice restaurants in some Winnipeg hotels located in the downtown area, too.


Canada Life Centre Food & Concession FAQs

How much does food cost at the Canada Life Centre?

Food at Jets games ranges from snacks that start at $5 to $7 to burgers and steak sandwiches that can go for $12to $15.

Can you bring food into the Canada Life Centre?

You cannot bring outside items into the arena.

What restaurants are inside the Canada Life Centre?

The Exchange Restaurant and Beer Market, the Observation Deck Bar & Buffet, and the Budweiser King Club are all located in the arena.

How much does a beer cost at Canada Life Centre?

Beer prices start at about $8 in the arena.

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