Bridgestone Arena Food

Food at the Bridgestone Arena

The Nashville Predators of the NHL’s Western Conference Central Division call the Bridgestone Arena, located downtown in the city of Nashville their home.  The arena opened late in 1996 and has gone through multiple renovations since then.  The Nashville Predators have played there since 1998, when they were founded.  Predators games and other Bridgestone Arena events are one of the hot tickets in the lively downtown Nashville area. There are a lot of food and beverage options at Bridgestone Arena and in the area around the venue.  The team has yet to win a Stanley Cup, but they have been the Division Champions twice and the Conference Champions once, too.  The Nashville Predators pregame show is known throughout the league, so if you are going to the arena for a hockey game, be sure to get there early so you don’t miss any of the fun. 

Bridgestone Arena Food & Concession Stands

Throughout the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee, there are tons of food and beverage options at the bars and concession stands along the main concourse for you to choose from when you attend a Nashville Predators hockey game.  There are also many restaurants inside Bridgestone Arena, too, where fans can drink and eat, enjoy happy hour, and watch other sports programming on big screen TVs before they take in the hockey game or any of the concerts or other events held at the arena.    At Nashville Predators games, you can get all of the typical stadium favorites, like burgers, hot dogs, nachos, pizza and more.  You can grab a craft beer at a concession stand not far from your seat.  Be sure to download the Predator mobile app to you can use the interactive map to find exactly what you would like to eat or drink at the arena.

Classic Food at Bridgestone Arena

The arena has food native to the city and surrounding area at many of the restaurants and at more than one concession stand, too.  Grab a bite from the hot chicken stand and you will be eating what local fans always have when they’re at the arena. If you’re at a Nashville Predators game, there are also tailgate style favorites for you to try, too.  Bridgestone Arena hosts many country music concerts and there are often special food offerings at theses and other events.  Pete and Terry’s Tavern, located just inside the Nissan SoBro entrance and offers many Nashville, Tennessee down home favorites.  The tavern is a great spot to meet before a Nashville Predators game or other events if you are attending with a group of people.

Food Near Bridgestone Arena

There are many local restaurants and a tavern or two within walking distance of Bridgestone Arena that are popular with fans before a Nashville Predators hockey game.  Nashville, Tennessee has a thriving downtown area on par with any major city in the country and has been compared to Las Vegas for its nightlife appeal.  So begin planning your trip and consider the following places to eat and drink before you go to the arena: The Palm – Nashville is definitely the spot for a great steak.   If you’d like something a little more casual, Panchos and Lefty’s Cantina has some amazing Mexican grub right across from the arena.  Fans can enjoy some delicious American cuisine at The Stillery, a quick walk from the arena before Nashville Predators games.

Bridgestone Arena Food & Concession FAQs

How much does food cost at the Bridgestone Arena?

Food at Nashville Predators games varies from the concession stands in the seating area to the clubs,  bars and restaurants in the arena.  Tennessee fans can get snacks and non alcoholic drinks for $5 to $10.

Can you bring food into the Bridgestone Arena?

Located in Nashville, Tennessee and home to the Nashville Predators, Bridgestone Arena does not all outside food into the venue.

What restaurants are inside the Bridgestone Arena?

Pete & Terry’s Tavern, the Patron Platinum Club, and Barrel House are all located in the arena and all have specialties from the city and around Tennessee.

How much does a beer cost at Bridgestone Arena?

Beer is easy to find near any of the seating areas and the bars and stands sell mainstream brews and craft beers from the city and around Tennessee starting at about $8.

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