Bell Centre Food


Food at the Bell Centre

Home of the Montreal Canadiens of the National Hockey League, the Bell Centre, located in the downtown area of Montreal is a great place to take in a hockey game.  Food options for visitors and Montreal Canadiens fans alike range from arena staples like hot dogs to local delicacies from around the Montreal area.  No matter whether you’re there with family and friends, or for a corporate event, the Bell Centre is an awesome gameday experience for NHL fans.  Hockey fans sitting in the seating bowl of the arena or taking advantage of the new lounge will enjoy menu items that befit a team that has won 24 Stanley Cup championships.   The Bell Centre has something for everyone when it comes to food and beverages.

Bell Centre Food & Concession Stands

Purchase tickets to a Montreal Canadiens game at the Bell Centre and get ready for some truly excellent food, drink, restaurants, and concessions inside the arena.  From pizza to poke bowls to smoked meat to hot dogs to tacos to things that scream Canada, like poutine, you can find it all at the venue.  The Sports Bar at the arena is a great place to grab a drink before the game and catch up on NHL, NBA, NFL, and everything else going on in the wide world of sports on any of the many flat screen or jumbo projection TVs.  This is also a great place to come during the game and root on the Canadiens on route to their next Stanley Cup.  The Sports Bar has great burgers and other arena staples, and is also open on non game days, too.  Fans and amateur hockey players alike can gaze at the retired numbers of the Canadiens greats while they talk about their favorite sport.

Classic Food at Bell Centre

There are definitely some food and drink options that you have to try inside the Bell Centre.  Cafe’ Gourmet at the arena is the perfect place to try something off the beaten path, including handmade hot and cold beverages and food with specialized ingredients picked especially for dishes at the venue. The Snack Bar Food Counter is a nice spot to get a combination of food and beverage items that will allow you to truly sample the excellent menu items available at the Montreal Canadiens arena.  In general, no matter what event you are attending, there are bars and concession stands around the Bell Centre  where you can grab a beverage and some food throughout the game.

Food Near Bell Centre

Montreal, in Quebec, Canada, is a cosmopolitan city with plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from no matter why you’re visiting the city. If you’re going to a Montreal Canadiens game at the Bell Centre, you might want to grab a bite before you get to the arena. Some of the local restaurants and watering holes near Bell Centre that are popular before a Montreal Canadiens hockey game include Canti Osteria & Bar for delicious Italian food, Bier Markt for burgers, poutine, smoked meat and other local specialties, and Decca 77, which offers fine French fare for an upscale meal before going to the arena, and also a bar area for more casual menu items.


Bell Centre Food & Concession FAQs

How much does food cost at the Bell Centre?

Prices are typical for an arena; water is sold at $5 a bottle with Soda priced at $5, popcorn at $10 and food items range between $10 and $15 each at the Bell Centre.

Can you bring food into the Bell Centre?

At the Bell Centre, outside food, including beverages, are not allowed into the venue for hockey games or any other event.

What restaurants are inside the Bell Centre?

Inside the venue there is the Sports Bar, the Cafe’ Gourmet, and the The Snack Bar Food CounterĀ  located within the arena.

How much does a beer cost at Bell Centre?

The price of a beer ranges between $10 to $15 at the Bell Centre.

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