Ball Arena Food


Food at the Ball Arena

Denver, Colorado is the home of Ball Arena, where the Colorado Avalanche of the NHL’s Western Conference Central Division skate.  This downtown Denver arena is a great place to watch a hockey game and has food, dining, and drink options inside and around the area to match.   Opening in 1999, the Colorado Avalanche and Denver Nuggets have been residents since the venue began operations. Denver became a hockey town when the Quebec Nordiques were sold to the COMSAT organization and moved the team to Denver.  The team has won two Stanley Cup championships since then, one in the first season they played in Denver and another in the 2000-2001 season.  Like most arenas, the Denver venue has made efforts to improve its food offerings over the years.  So whether you’re at a game or one of the many concerts that take place at the arena, food and drink options are plentiful. 

Ball Arena Food & Concession Stands

Due to increased health and safety rules, the arena has implemented several new policies for games and concerts.  The food and beverage stands, restaurants, and other concessions inside Ball Arena no longer accept cash. All drinks and food must be consumed in a person’s ticketed seat.  Like many other arenas, the venue currently has a mask policy in place (November 2021).   With these precautions in mind, Bell Arena still offers a great selection of food at games and concerts including hot dogs, burgers, fries, tacos, nachos, chicken sandwiches, barbeque, pretzels, ice cream, and many other snack and arena favorites.  There are also outstanding food options on the club level to try out during a game, too. 

Classic Food at Ball Arena

If you’re at a Colorado Avalanche game, there are some options to try inside the Ball Arena that will definitely get you excited.  Check out the Denver Potato Co. stands for fries loaded with toppings like bison pastrami, the Wyncoop stands for chicken sandwiches, or the Verde Y Rojo booths for Mexican street food such as flautas.   From basic fare to the most out-there sounding dish, it’s hard to find something that isn’t delicious in the building. 

Food Near Ball Arena

If you call Denver your home, you know there are some great spots in the downtown area to go to for food and drinks before an Avalanche game.  Some of the local restaurants and watering holes near Ball Arena in the lower downtown area that are popular for the Colorado Avalanche hockey game include Degree Metropolitan, Coohills, and Fogo de Chao Brazilian Steakhouse.  Whether you choose to just grab drinks or eat at one of the local restaurants, you are sure to have fun in this lively section of Denver.

Ball Arena Food & Concession FAQs

How much does food cost at the Ball Arena?

Depending on what you choose, Ball Arena has some very reasonably priced snacks and smaller items starting at about $5.  Sitting down for a meal inside the Denver venue will certainly set you back a few bucks.

Can you bring food into the Ball Arena?

You cannot bring any outside food into Ball Arena.  Please check the website for any changes in the policy before you visit.

What restaurants are inside the Ball Arena?

There are several restaurants inside the Denver venue where you can grab lunch or dinner and get drinks before the game.  Most notable is the Breckenridge Brewery Mountain House.

How much does a beer cost at Ball Arena?

Beer is fairly reasonably priced at the Denver arena, with domestic brews as low as $6 at certain stands.

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