About 3D Hockey Arena

Hi, I’m Mark Marino – the owner of 3D Hockey Arena. As an avid hockey fan, I launched this website so fans could get a 360 view of the ice rink they’re attending. The website provides information from directions, and food and concessions, to discounted parking and tickets.

Coming soon: a full resource section about the NHL rules & regulations.

I began playing hockey at the age of 5, right-wing. After working at Pure Hockey (TSG Sports) I switched from skater to goalie and it was the best move I’ve ever made.

I was also the founder of Bruins Daily – an NHL credential Boston Bruins news website.

mark marino
Mark is also the owner of Lawn Phix and House Plant Palace.

All NHL logos were provided here: https://freebiesupply.com/s/nhl-logos/